Okay, so you’ve driven tons of traffic to your website but you’re still not getting results from the investment in SEO and paid ads. Very often, these investments turn into a money pit when a good planning marketing strategy is not well thought. If you think having a great landing page with a form to fill to call for action is enough, then you need to change your way of thinking as you are thinking in a reactive way to generate conversion. I am going to provide a few hints on how to convert more of your current website visitors.

If you think for a minute, E-mail communication generated from a landing page form is inefficient. Why? The reason behind this is that it just takes too long to exchange messages back and forth. By the time you finish the conversation, the interest of the website visitor may vanish, or he/she may patronize another provider that was able to convince him/her about their service faster than you.

Landing Page + Live Chat Funnel
Landing Page + Live Chat Funnel

1. Live Chat is Your Ally

Live Chat is the tool you need to implement on your website if you want to engage your website visitors when they are more receptive, as they came to your website looking for a solution to a problem. Timing is good in this case, you can explain the benefits of your solution and clear out any doubt your visitor may have.

2. Use Chat Bots for Initial Greeting

Automated Triggers and Chat Bots automate proactive visitor engagement.

Chat Bots are useful when you have a website with lots of concurrent visitors. You may program a Chat Bot, also called automated triggers, to send an initial greeting to a visitor. This proactive chat will generate a response. After the visitor is engaged in the chat, you can then continue the chat yourself for better user experience. Automated greetings can be customized based on currently visited page so every automated message is specific to the service/product you are offering.

3. Be Prepared, You Will Get Questions

Now that you have your visitors’ attention, they will have questions about your service. Make sure you have developed a good knowledge base for the service you are rendering. You cannot sell successfully if you are not capable of explaining your product to your customer. There are tools you can use in your Live Chat software that facilitates the creation of canned replies. You can think of canned replies as answers to most common questions. These canned replies can be used to guide your visitor with specific and previously crafted replies that are free of errors. This will guide your website visitor through the path of your sales funnel.

4. Lead Generation and Further Communication

Based on my experience, live chat may increase your conversion rate something between 10% and 30% more, but not all chat sessions will result in converting the visitor to a customer. Here is where I see the old conventional E-mail communication effective. When a visitor is no longer online on your website, you may use the Live Chat software to automatically save or export leads generated from previous chats for further lead management, this could be done via E-mail. This will often reactivate your sales funnel by sending the prospect to a landing page and the process will start again. A new opportunity to approach the visitor and generate revenue.

CCIChat Zapier Integration
CCIChat integration with Zapier automate Lead Generation to third party programs. Go to Zapier integration

You can maximize lead generation using the CCIChat integration for Zapier to stream new contacts into your sales funnel. When a website visitor enters his contact information it is automatically moved to your desired application for marketing propose.


In conclusion, in order to improve your landing pages, you need to implement a Live Chat software. Get visibility for your website and start engaging your visitors with a Free CCIChat account. CCIChat is a Free Live Chat software for websites. Visit CCIChat.com today to get your free account.